Masinova is a Finnish high-tech company focusing on robotic innovations. With over 40 years of experience in global robotic deliveries, patenting and R&D partnering we have created dozens of cutting edge solutions based on various technology generations.
Our mission is to modernize the world of robotics by pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation.

Mamba Spindle Robot

Here it is – the fastest sustainable robot in the world!
During the last 6 years Masinova has built a superior, ultra high-speed spindle robot to meet sustainability, safety and productivity needs. It is designed for life science, pharmaceutical and electronic sector in collaboration with the leading research groups, universities and component manufacturers.

Patented Technology

Mamba consists of 3 separate inventions (1) Crankshaft & balancing system that enables high speed and small size. (2) Modular arm that can hold several different tools such as pickers, laser beam, machinery vision, liquids, pneumatics, electrics, cutting tools and exhaust vacuum system (3) Hollow shaft-motor packet that brings unlimited 360 degree working area.

Compact in size

Saves floor space, enabling huge energy savings

Modularity and production flexibility

Quick change of arms and grippers for different products

Plug & play

Works together with existing robots and operating systems

Delivers 10x benefits

The fastest independent Scara-type robot in the world
Minimum 100% capacity improvement to existing rivals

Smart, accurate, dust and water proof

Suitable for clean room use

Technical specifications

up to 6,4 strokes/s
0,5 – 1kg
Envelope size
Up to 1640mm with no dead-zones
Free rotations of all axis (n x 360°)
IP Class
Dust and waterproof (Clean room ready)
1100 x 650 x 230

Masinova Mamba provides 10x production capacity from the same floor space compared to the traditional industrial robots


Valtteri Hirvonen, CEO
+358 40 5399201