Engineering better things.

We’re Masinova, an engineering firm specializing in sustainable product and equipment development.

Masinova creates and develops new, state of the art technology for companies, both for product development and production.
User Experience

Develops, designs and produces new innovative products and production systems that meet the client's needs.

Product Development

Helps the client with applying for product development support.


Masinova sells and applies Masinova's own patents and licences for the use of the client.

Help when needed

Helps the client with applying for product development support. Masinova also helps with getting patents registered for the clients product ideas and their implementation.

We can travel

We've had international clients from four different continents. Feel free to contact us from anywhere in the world.

Timely Deliverables

Our goal is to take a client's idea for a product and develop it into a vendible item ready for launch as quickly as possible.

The tools, machines and equipment designed by us are made of the very best, tested materials and components globally available.

This guarantees a high level of durability and a long lifespan for all equipment designed and developed by Masinova. Our business has been international from day one. Masinova has a wide international network, both in design and production. The personnel at Masinova has over 35 years of experience in innovative equipment design and production in many different fields. We have a lot of experience in machine building and control systems, and in related international business in different markets, such as Europe, Asia, USA, South America and Russia. Our personnel’s language proficiency is of high level, and we are familiar with the different cultures in different countries.


A total of five patents in different industries have been granted for equipment and technology developed by Masinova personnel.

3D Engineering

The blueprints are made in 3D, and - if necessary - simulations and animations are made of the developed equipment. The schemes are spec'd and documented into the client's network in the client's requested format.

Prototypes & Testing

It is also possible to make prototypes and test equipment quickly and easily through Masinova's wide business connections. We can also produce the needed documentation for manufacturing and sales.

Breads packed with our systems per hour
Years of Experience

A Creative Engineering
Studio, that’s always up for a new challenge.

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Vesa Hirvonen, CEO
Phone: +358 40 7220548